Madi Feist is a visual artist that works to celebrate and question her relationship to objects, mainly discarded objects. Feist’s practice is interested in dissolving the categories of ‘old’ and ‘new’ by reinvigorating unwanted materials to navigate her experiences of the Australian urban landscape. Her social understanding of sustainability and mass production informs her studio processes and materiality; however, her formal and visual choices stem from her cultural and personal exploration of identity.

Feist’s sculptures are associated with happenings within the predominantly private and intimate space of the Home. Using materials found around her house or on the streets, she builds bizarre artworks representing her subconscious mind at play. Feist uses a bright garish colour palette to transform and recontextualise her upcycled materials. Her works often resemble cartoonish, surreal versions of household objects and endeavour to instil a sense of wonderment in the viewer whilst playfully confronting concerns about consumption and mass production.

Madi Feist lives and works in Redfern, Sydney. She completed her Masters of Fine Arts in 2021 from The National Arts School, Darlinghurst, where she majored in Painting.